Do you have a minimum order?
Yes, depending on product and distance, please contact the office for details.

Do you deliver in my area every day?
We usually have set days in dedicated areas but exemptions may apply.

Do you offer competitive pricing?
Yes we will always try to work with our clients, please don't hesitate to contact the sales team.

Do you have the stock to hand?
We hold a large amount of stock and can deliver straightaway from stock but, due to holiday seasons and times, shortages may apply.

Do you offer samples?
We are satisfied and confident with our range and are happy to give out samples if requested.

Do you open every day?
Our team can be contacted Monday to Friday 8:30am to 5:30pm.

Do you supply to the general public?
No, we supply to trade and businesses only.

Do you exchange or refund faulty, damaged or wrong goods?
If we dispatch the wrong size, product etc. we will exchange it to the appropriate product. Any damages incurred by ourselves will be exchanged or refunded. Please contact the office as soon as possible to resolve the matter.

Do you have a delivery time?
Our delivery times are between 9:00am and 5:00pm Monday to Friday. Please contact the office for alternative arrangements.

Do you use reputable, quality products?
Yes we source products from manufacturers who meet quality marks in the industry and our standards.

Do your products change from time to time?
If you feel that a product has changed since your last order, please contact us and a member of staff will explain.